These are just some of what Dave Smith has already accomplished for this community.


right_point.jpg Affordable Transportation: Express GO Bus Transit Route from Peterborough to Toronto

Access to reliable, affordable transit is a necessity for our community. People need transportation to and from Toronto for work, medical appointments, travel, and visiting family and friends. Under Dave's proposal to Metrolinx and the Ministry of Transportation, a fully accessible GO Transit express bus route would be added between Peterborough and the proposed Yonge Street subway station with stops at Trent University, the Peterborough Bus Terminal and Sir Sandford Fleming College. 

right_point.jpg Development of Community Paramedicine program providing health care services to seniors at home

The program works alongside primary care and home and community care to provide the following services to eligible seniors: 

  • Access to health services 24-7, through in-home and remote methods, such as online supports

  • Non-emergency home visits and in-home testing procedures

  • Ongoing monitoring of vital signs to prevent escalation of chronic medical conditions

  • Assessments, referrals, diagnostic procedures and point-of-care testing

right_point.jpg Healthy Communities: Fighting the Opioid Crisis.  

Over $300,000 in funding for Moving Beyond Addiction, a unique and innovative pilot project in Peterborough-Kawartha for mental health and addiction, in partnership with Whitepath consulting and the Elizabeth Fry Society 

$1,350,000 in annual funding for the Opioid Response Hub, located in downtown Peterborough. The Opioid Response Hub will offer harm reduction services, mental health and addictions counselling, and pathways to treatment for the most vulnerable.

Increase funding for the Canadian Mental Health Association - Haliburton, Kawartha, Pine Ridge by 10 percent;

MOBIS - Built-for-purpose buses, staffed by social workers, therapists, registered nurses, and addictions counsellors, travels to rural communities to deliver mental health and addictions services to individuals at-risk;

$750,000 to establish Withdrawal Management Services (Residential Detox Beds) through Fourcast, with $500,000 in annual funding to operate beds; helping break addictions under medical supervision.

right_point.jpg Meeting our Health Care Needs: Fixing Long-Term Care

over $25 million dollars in funding for local Long-Term- Care Homes to hire more staff 539 new long term care beds and 357 redeveloped beds, including a new Long-Term Care Centre at Trent University with 224 new beds

right_point.jpg Building Peterborough-Kawartha: Repairing and Constructing Local Infrastructure

One of  Dave's highest priorities has been to work with municipalities and the private sector to repair and build local infrastructure. Here's are some of infrastructure accomplishments so far:

  • James A. Gifford Causeway; 
  • Havelock Community Centre; 
  • The Mount Community Centre; 
  • Peterborough County "Caremobile," which provides accessible transportation for rural residents; 
  • Refurbishing and purchasing new fleet of specialized vans and city buses for the City of Peterborough;
  • Selwyn Township Office;
  • North Kawartha Community Centre; 
  • Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre;
  • Trent Lakes Community Centre; 
  • Douro Fire Station and; 
  • Hundreds of critical infrastructure projects through more than $60 million over the last 3 years to support municipal infrastructure projects and services through annualized funding streams. 
right_point.jpg Closing the Gap: Connecting Every Corner of Peterborough-Kawartha to Reliable, High-Speed Internet and Cell Service

Connecting every corner of our riding to reliable, highspeed internet by 2025


and many more accomplishments.